2017 - 2018

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Appointed by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches (9)

Terms Expire September 30, 2018

Terms Expire September 30, 2021

Mr. Ed Barrett (Term Expires April, 2022)

Ms. Susan Colquhoun

Rev. Dr. Dan Green

Mr. Stan Thomas

Rev. Dr. Peter R. Sherwood

Ms. Emily Samson

Mr. Ralph Taylor

Mr. James Stanley


Mr. John W. Swan



Appointed by the Associated Alumni (12)

Past President AA: Mr. Douglas R. Jackson (May 2016 to May 2018)

President AA: Mr. Geoff Irvine (May 2016 to May 2018) 


Terms Expire September 30, 2018

Terms Expire September 30, 2021

Mr. Donald E. Clow

Mr. Charles Coll

Mr. Henry Demone

Mr. Paul Jewer

Mr. Bert Frizzell

The Hon. James C. MacPherson

Mr. David Hastings

Mr. Norm McIntyre

Mr. Stuart MacLean


Mr. Donald F. Reed



Appointed by the Governor-in-Council (6)

Terms Expire January 31, 2019

Terms Expire September 30, 2021

Ms. Sandra Greer

Mr. Bruce Phinney

Mr. Ronald E. Smith

Mr. John Rogers

Ms. Karen Hutt (Term Expires April 2022)

Ms. Lana Wood


Appointed by the Board of Governors (2)

Term Expires September 30, 2018

Term Expires September 30, 2021

Ms. Nancy McCain

Ms. Gwen Phillips


President and Vice-Chancellor of Acadia University (1)

Dr. Peter J. Ricketts, President and Vice-Chancellor

President of the Acadia Divinity College (1)

Dr. Harry Gardner, President

President of the Acadia Students' Union (1)

Ms. Grace Hamilton-Burge - to April 30, 2018

Elected by Faculty (3)

Term Expires Sept 30, 2019

Term Expires Sept 30, 2018

Term Expires Sept 30, 2017

Dr. David McMullin

Dr. Ian Wilkes

Dr. Terrance Weatherbee


Appointed by the Students (2)

Terms Expire April 30, 2018

Mr. Colin Mitchell

Mr. Liam Schreiter


Without Vote:


Ms. Libby Burnham

Chancellor Emeritus

Mr. Arthur Irving

Honorary Governors

Dr. George Bishop

Dr. H. Gordon MacNeill

Recording Secretary

Ms. Kathy O'Connor